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SEDS II Features List  

Anchor/Achiever Embroidery Digitizing Software

General Digitizing Features Achiever Anchor
True Object-based Digitizing
Advance Frame by Frame Stitch Browser
Layer Management N/A
Automatic Underlay (2 types for Fill and 8 Types for Satin) with Underlay Gap Setting
Pull Compensation by Percentage and Absolute Value
Auto Span for Satin Stitches
More Than 50 Hot Keys
4 Cursor Choices
32-bit Twain Compliant Scanning
Resize Template Proportionally 
Increase Canvas Size to Enlarge Work Space
Automatic Image Color Reduction 
Image Manipulation (X,Y Mirror and Rotation)
Image Editing by third party graphic program
Importation of outside Graphic Formats (BMP, TIFF, JPG..etc.)
Output to DXF files for Appliqu Cutter
Output to WMF
Convert WMF to Object
Thread Chart for Picking Colors By Manufacturers' Thread Numbers
Automatic Stitch Blocks Alignment and Distribution
Settings Manager with 10 Pre-Set Setting Files and the Ability to Create Custom Settings
Emblem Manager with Un-Limited User Created Emblems N/A
Pattern Manager with Ability to Create Customized Patterns
Motif Library with Ability to Create Customized Motif Items
User-Defined Lock Stitch Pattern
Stitch Length Tally For Checking Long & Short Stitches
Simple Costing Module to Calculate Thread Costs
Multiple Undo
On Screen Access to User's Guide
Industrial Format(s) Support
Home Format(s) Support
Stitch Types Achiever Anchor
Simple and Complex Fill
Complex Fill with Holes
Turn Fill for Satin Stitch
Column Stitch with Auto Short Stitches
Satin and Column Stitches
Satin with One Open/Closed Object
Satin with Two Open/Closed Objects
Free Hand Satin
Jagged Fill with Random Edging with Bleed Orientation and  Percentage Control
Jagged Satin
Jagged Turn Fill
4 Auto-Perimeter Stitches: Single/Double Walk, Bean and E-Stitch
Gradual Fill (Gradient Fill) N/A
Pattern Fill with Pattern Creation
Multiple Pattern Fill N/A
Turn Pattern Fill N/A
Modern and Classic Column Fill
Jagged Column Fill
Pattern Fill for Satin Stitch
Overlap Fill N/A
Motif Program: Fill (with motif creation)
Motif Program: Line (with motif creation)
Parallel Stitch N/A
Contour Stitch for Photo Embroidery
Advance Contour Stitch
Fancy Satin N/A
3D Global Effect N/A
Stitch Sculpturing N/A
Cross Stitch
Flow Stitch N/A
Automatic Appliqu N/A
One Touch Automatic Digitizing
Lettering Achiever Anchor
iFont Instant Automatic True Type Font Stitching: Fill and Satin
Lettering Modes: Including Satin, Fill, Outline and Column Fill
Advance Lettering Modes: Gradual Fill, Pattern Fill, Motif.and more N/A
Number of Pre-Digitized Fonts: Fill and Satin 30 90
Number of Pre-Digitized Fonts Available: Fill and Satin 60 N/A
Font Library
Font Library Creation
Lettering Input Wizard
Ability to Change Lettering Properties: Such As Font Type, Size, Orientationetc.
Automatic Short Stitch for Column Stitch Fonts
5 Types of Automatic Bordering for Fill Stitch Fonts
Pull Compensation
Real Time Text Manipulation: Rotate, Move, Scale and Distort
Lettering On Flexible "Arc-able" Line
Lettering In a Box for Quick Resizing, Arcing, Bridging & Perspective Effects
Text On a Drawn Path (Object)
Text Between 2 Objects
4 Types of Position Control for Fonts on 1 or 2 Objects
Scaling, Rotation, Bridging, Distortion of Entire Text or Individual Character
Ability to Breakup Font into Individual Stitch Blocks
Object Drawing and Modification Tools  Achiever Anchor
Line and Curve Drawing Tools: Line, Polyline, Curve and Arc
Shape Drawing Tools: Circle, Ellipse, Square, Rectangle, Star and Polygons up to 9 sides
Move, Copy, X/Y Mirror, Delete
Free-hand and Numeric Rotation
Scaling proportionally or Disproportionally
Modify Shape of Existing Object
Combine Objects
Split (Cut) Object
Close Opened Object
Delete/Add Nodes (Anchor point)
Excess Nodes Removal
Node Style (Curve/Line) Change
Stitch Editing Achiever Anchor
Change Settings
Change Settings in Stitch Browser
Move, Move Multiple Stitch Blocks, Copy, Rotate, Flip Stitch Blocks
Add and Delete Stitch Group, Segments or Single Stitches
Single Stitch Copying
Intelligent Stitch Group Editing with Forward/Backward Navigation
Stitch by Stitch Navigation
Group / Ungroup of Multiple Stitch Blocks N/A
Insert Stitch Blocks and Re-Arranging Sewing Sequence in Stitch Browser
Color Change for Object and Stitches
Change Start/End Points of Whole Design
Change Start/End Points of Stitch Block
Change Machine Code
Automatic Revising of Design Center
Move, Delete, Add Guidelines for Satin Stitches
Intelligent Selection on Multiple Layers of Stitches
Partial Selection of Stitches On One Side of a Satin Stitch Block
Geometric "Stretch" Tool to Re-Shape/Re-Arc Stitch Blocks
Add/Delete Trim Code
Flow Effect on Existing Stitches N/A
Insert Hole(s) inside Existing Fill Stitch N/A
Stitch Processing Achiever Anchor
Condensed Processing
Ability to Resize and Reprocess Expanded Designs
Change Start/End Points of Individual Stitch Block
Automatic Short Stitch Removal
Change Size of Stitch Blocks by Percentage and Number with Stitch Count Adjustment
Change Number of Stitches of Selected Stitch Blocks Maintaining Original Size
Change Density of Selected Fill or Satin Stitch Blocks
Change Stitch Type
Change Manual Stitch Types
Group Settings Change
Automatic Shape Recognition From Expanded Design Stitch File
Multiple Merge of Stitch Groups from Different Design Files
Automatic Conversion from Expanded Files to True Condensed Files N/A
Design Viewing Features Achiever Anchor
Zoom In, Zoom Out (On Screen, Aerial, Percentage, + / - Key)
5 Speed Slow Redraw
Slow Redraw in Simulation Mode
Real-time Pan (Hand Tool)
1 to X  Fixed Zoom Rate
On Screen Simulation View
Display by Selection, by Stitch Type or by Color
Display Selected Stitches with "Ghost Out" Un-Selected Stitches in a Different Color
Grid,  Ruler/Protractor (Metric and U.S.)
Design File Management Achiever Anchor
Auto File Save
Auto Backup Save
Design Statistics With Thread Consumption Report
Standard Design Printout
Enhanced Production Worksheet Printout
Simulation Printout with Ability to Change Background N/A
Design Albums
E-Mail Current Design
HTML Output for Current Design

* Information in this features list presents no contractual agreement, and is subject to change without prior notice.
- Included, N/A - Not Available
* Achiever=Level 1, Anchor=Level 2


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