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  • What Windows versions can be used?

    • SEDS II and StitchTools are compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000, 64 and 32 Bit Computers

  • What are the minimum requirements?

    • Pentium III 300Mhz or compatible and above

    • 128M RAM

    • 1024x768x256 colors display card

    • 2G hard drive

    • 3.5" floppy drive

    • Color printer

    • Color scanner

    • a free USB slot

  • "Security Device Not Found" error shown when starting the program?

    • Our software came with an USB security dongle. Please make sure that it is securely plugged into an USB slot.

    • If you don't have a security dongle, your copy of the software is probably a pirated copy. Please contact us immediately.

    • Re-install the software with the installation CD and Master Key diskette provided when you purchased the software.

  • What happens if I lost the security dongle?

    • If you lost the security dongle, it means you lost the whole software and we cannot provide any replacement. So please make sure that you take good care of it.

  • Can I replace my security dongle if it is damaged?

    • Yes for a cost and you have to return the damaged dongle to us.

  • How to order?

    • For online orders, click here to go to our order page and following the instructions there to complete the order.

    • Call us or email us at

  • Do you have more pre-digitized fonts?

    • Yes, we have over 60 professionally digitized fonts available for purchase. Please click here for more information.

  • How to activate a font after I purchase it?

    • Under the Tools menu, select "Activate fonts" and input the activation code that was email to you after you complete the purchase.

  • When installing the software there is an error, what's wrong?

    • Please follow step by step on the installation note that come with your software package. You should have the installation CD, a Master Key diskette and a security dongle in order to complete the installation. You also need to have a free USB slot.

  • I cannot save or print a file with a demo version.

    • All demo versions have some functions removed, like output to printer, saving files etc, and we don't provide any support for our demo versions.

  • How soon and how will the order be shipped after I pay?

    • We usually will ship out your order with 1 business day after payment is cleared by Fedex 2 day. Special arrangement can be made if required.

  • How much does the shipping cost?

    • Usually $19 for Fedex 2 day and $29 for Fedex next day in the continental US areas.

  • Where can the fonts be used?

    • Fonts sold on this site can be used in SEDS II, StitchTools and StitchTools Lettering 2.0.

For StitchTools

  • Can I upgrade from one level to another?

    • Yes you just need to pay the difference.

  • Can I purchase an optional feature later?

    • Yes you can.



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The following latest updates are available for download. You will be prompt for an user name and a password. If you don't have them yet please contact us.


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If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ's section, please email us at We will answer your questions as soon as possible.




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